JioFi portable WiFi 4G VoLTE hotspot voice and data with battery M2

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  • Customer to visit nearest DX mini/Digital / Jio Retailer along with Jiofi Device.
  • Customer will fulfil eKYC / non eKYC requirement at the store. (Opt for Prepaid or post-paid service).
  • SIM will get activated as per process.
  • On successful tele-verification (in case of non eKYC only), customer will get Jio welcome Offer.
  • Recommended to connect up to 10 wi-fi enabled devices (smartphone, Laptops, Tablets and even Smart TVs). JioFi allows to connect up to 32 devices
  • Best in class battery (2300mAh) supports 5 – 6 hours of surf time
  • Enjoy the convenience of never having to search for an electrical outllet with a built-in rechargeable battery. Now carry your sleek and stylish JioFi everywhere you go.

Reliance JIO Jio-fi wireless Router

Jio sim card Not included 

Screen recorder video tutorial maker free software

Apowersoft Free Screen Recorder is a robust application for users to record the screen, choose the audio input (system audio and microphone audio), take simple screenshots, and annotate by adding lines and arrows etc. Users can then save and upload the recordings via FTP or YouTube and share on favourite social media portals.

Apowersoft Free Screen Recorder has a basic screenshot capture function and also has advanced features with different recording options as well as a task scheduler, which allows users to take scheduled screen recordings.

Key features include:


  • Capture anything you see on screen.
  • Multiple audio mode support.
  • Screen recording share support.


Overall, Apowersoft Free Screen Recorder is a great screen recording tool that is simple to use and has a couple of useful features such as the screenshot capture tool and the ability to choose the audio input. The application has a really easy to use interface and even novice users will be able to get to grips with the layout and functions.


What is OEM or Assembled brand – ओईएम या असेंबल्ड

An Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) is a company that makes a part or subsystem that is used in another company’s end product. For example, if Acme Manufacturing Co. makes power cords that are used on IBM computers, Acme is an OEM. However, the term is used in several other ways, which causes ambiguity


एक मूल उपकरण निर्माता (OEM) एक ऐसा कंपनी है जो किसी अन्य कंपनी के अंत उत्पाद में उपयोग किए जाने वाले भाग या सबसिस्टम बनाता है उदाहरण के लिए, यदि एक्मे मैन्युफैक्चरिंग कंपनी आईबीएम कंप्यूटरों पर इस्तेमाल होने वाली बिजली की डोरियों बनाता है, तो एक्मे एक OEM है। हालांकि, इस शब्द का इस्तेमाल कई अन्य तरीकों से किया जाता है, जो अस्पष्टता का कारण बनता है


आपको कौन सा ब्रांड चुनना चाहिए  -What u should choose

आजकल  बाजार में अनगिनत ब्रांड मौजूद है जिसमे कई प्रतिष्ठित नाम है जैसे की HIKVISION DAHUA CP-PLUS SONY PANASONIC  और कुछ अन्य जैसे SECUREYE VANTAGE VINTRON IBALL SKYSECURE ….इसके अलावा हजारों ब्रांड है जो की अस्सेम्बल करके या OEM सामान  पर अपनी मन मर्जी का लेबल लगाकर एक ब्रांड का नाम दे देते है …

आपके मतलब की बात यह है की जाने माने  ब्रांड में  लगा सामना अच्छी क्वालिटी का होता ही है जबकि अन्य ब्रांड में दोनों बातें हो सकती है जैसे की कुछ ब्रांड अपना माल सस्ता करने के लिए घटिया या सस्ता स्पेयर पार्ट इस्तेमाल करते है जबकि कुछ बिलकुल ऊँचे ब्रांड के स्तर का बिलकुल वैसा ही OEM पार्ट्स लगते है जैसा की HIKVISION DAHUA या CP-PLUS..हमारी कंपनी OEM के नाम से बेहतरीन LENS और PCB से युक्त CCTV उपकरण  उपलब्ध कराती है जो की गुणवत्ता में सभी नामी कंपनी जैसा होता है और कीमत तुलनात्मक रूप से काफी कम रहती है


Many brands in the market nowadays, including many prestigious names such as HIKVISION DAHUA CP-PLUS SONY PANASONIC and other such SECUREYE VANTAGE VINTRON IBALL SKYSECURE …. Also by Assembl of thousands of brand or your mind will on OEM accessories is to give the label by the brand name …

Using substandard or cheap spare parts to put the well-known brand of your sense of this encounter is the quality itself while others may have two things in other brands such as some brands cheaper goods while some very high it takes exactly the same OEM parts brand level as of HIKVISION DAHUA or CP-PLUS .. our company is providing CCTV equipment with an LENS and PCB called OEM h Is similar to the well-known company in quality and price comparison remains far below





CCTV Camera Quality Comparisons – HD Analog VGA mega pixel resolution

Here you know which quality of camera resolution is meet your requirement

Below are various image quality comparisons between various types and resolutions of both CCTV and high definition cameras.  This will give you a better idea of the your requirements in selecting cameras.  Although high definition cameras always produce better quality images, standard definition CCTV cameras can work for certain environments where your target is in close range to the camera.